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(tap, tap, tap) Is this thing live?

Can I write this, the first, entry in my food blog later? Pretty please with cinnamon-infused whipped cream and long, fragrant curls of lemon zest on top. It's not just that I hate writing about myself--which I do--but I always write the first part of my writing last; Forewords, Introductions, first chapters, they all get put off until the end. It's so much easier to talk about where you're going when you already know where you've been.

Given that, you can only imagine how pleased by the prospect of both writing about who I am and introducing the blog...because the world needs another food blog. Don't get me wrong, I love all the food blogs. Love them far too many hours a day in fact. chuckle. But how to distinguish oneself from Sam,  Molly, Biggles, Nic, or Heidi? Or the even more ubiquitous food bloggers, whom I won't mention because everyone else does.

I must have something to do in the kitchen. I have strawberries and chocolate; I am sure I could come up with something to do instead of writing the stupid first post. Maybe it'll write itself while I melt chocolate and dip strawberries.

(peeks at screen, sees no witty introduction waiting to be posted)


Okay, I guess I am going to have to do this myself.

First the "me" part. That's fairly easy: I love to cook, seriously love it. I leaf through cookbooks to relax and my copy of Joy of Cooking is tattered from years of use as an encyclopedia (I was cooking way back before the Internet made it easy!) and I've destroyed two copies of The Herbfarm Cookbook. I can recite arcane food facts at the drop of an egg, and create a reasonable rendition of just about anything edible from memory. We once tore up our front yard so I could put in an herb garden, planted until more than just the mint spilled down the hill, and it's still wasn't big enough. I remember houses I have lived in by their kitchens and can tell you what my friends like to cook, or what they like to eat...even decades later. Can't find my car keys half the time, but I know my dear friend B. has loved my onion-cheese bread since 1975.

Kitchenmage is a title bestowed upon me and worn with pride. I consider it my sacred duty as such to share the wisdom I have accumulated over many, many (don't ask) years of cooking. I have some specialties--bread is one, you'll discover more as we go...have to leave some mystery--but am also a high-level generalist. I am unfazed by challenges and have a few in store for myself--croissants for one. THe nearest place to buy one is 45 minutes away and it's a chain grocery store. bleech

But this blog really isn't about paraphrase someone who is much better known than I: I'm really here for the food...although you'd be hard-pressed to tell that from this post. This is my space for thinking out loud about food, and I've got a lot to think about. Just not today...not now at least. I lied about the strawberries earlier, I only imagined, dare I say fantasized, about dipping them in chocolate. They, and the chocolate, are still there, and calling my name more must be my reward for getting through the dreaded first post. grin

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