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Whining about wine

One of the things on my never-ending list of things I want to learn more about is wine. I really enjoy good wine, and I can usually find something reasonably decent if I read enough labels and reviews, but I feel truly clueless when it comes to anything much deeper than that. This glaring lack of knowledge is brought to mind today because I have to pick a bottle of wine for a special occasion later this week.

And not just any special event...'s my birthday and the only thing I've been told about dinner is "pick a bottle of white wine..." No restrictions, no ducking behind my usual "there are only a few good wines available locally" excuses (it's coming from a city), nothing to disguise my total ignorance. And not enough time to immerse myself in a wineBlog or three to learn.

And'd be pretty lame to blow this one, huh?

Here's where I am hoping for help from my readers. My requirements are few: white, reasonably priced, and made in Washington or Oregon would be a bonus. And while I can't offer you a prize, I will promise that we will drink a toast to you with your selection while we discuss how much you must know about wine to have suggested such a delightful bottle.

Thoughts about whose blog I should read to begin my education are also welcome.

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