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A is for Apple, and April...even in August

Today's post is brought to you by the letters A, B, C, and a few of their friends. (I'm not sure because I am winging this and then posting whatever I end up with — call it a writing exercise — and I only have the first half-dozen letters covered at the moment) It's not really my fault, I had several random small things I wanted to write about and the first one was so elementary — some might say abecederian — that I couldn't get beyond the oh-so-obvious start. Some days, the muse walks up, whacks you in the head and says, "duh, do it that way" I did. Wish me luck.

A is for Aprily Apples — a new food blog with but a few entries and an interesting voice. I liked this post about science v. freeform work when baking. It's a topic I contemplate a lot (I truly need to get a life) and it's nice to know there are others who look for sanity and balance.
B is for Basil — possibly my favorite summer herb. It's a constant fight against slugs — and cats, in my part of the world at least — but when you win it's downright tasty. Can you tell I've been picking the leaves one at a time from the plants in this picture?


C is for Cat — in this case, cute cat contentedly curled up in box of basil. He only gets away with this because he's been ill (another thing  that starts with C)...and because he's so darned cute. (this is also my slightly late Weekend Cat Blogging picture) (11.04.05 I was just back here doing some housekeeping and noticed this. Moufie, the snoozing fluffcat, has been gone about two months now. His mom lost a dash against a car a month ago. And we have a new kitten.)

is for deerwhich are darling while small and tasty when large. (ouch, I can feel the vegans hurling things at me) This pair lives in my woods and wanders out each evening to graze on the blackberries...and my roses (creeps). I've been watching this fawn since it was about half this size and covered with spots.

E is for Elk — which I have never eaten, something which I expect to change soon. These guys are part of the local herd, pausing across the street to munch before lying down to snooze for a bit. (Picture was taken in spring, hence no antlers.)

F is for Frenchiladas — which is what a bunch of half-drunk people might call seafood crepes if they were sitting around the island in the kitchen where they were being made. Not that I would have any personal experience with that sort of twittery or anything. Not at all.


G is for Garlic and Greek Oregano growing in my garden.

H is for The Herbfarm Restaraunt — where I will be dining this fall because this truly generous person loves me. This will be my second visit (because this generous person has loved me awhile grin) and the anticipation is rather delicious...not quite as delicious as dinner will be, but not bad in the meantime.

I is for ice cream maker — which I need. Anyone got suggestions for a reasonably priced, electric machine.  Bonus points if it's quieter than a 747 taking off.

J is for jel — which my last batch of blueberry-habenero chutney did not do. So tomorrow I get to empty two dozen jars into a vat and recook it.

K is for kids in the kitchen — cooking with them is a blast and it's much easier to get them to eat  nutritious food if they helped make it. Bonus: you get a chance to talk to them while you work together.

Lav18smL is for lavender — ground in sugar for desserts, mixed with ground hazelnuts as breading, sprinkled over oven-roasted potatoes, even steeped into lemonade it's lovely floral essence enhances many foods. (For the sticklers amongst us, this is Spanish lavender — you can tell because it has "wings" — which isn't the culinary choice, but it's what I have pretty pictures of, so there!)

M  is for Mimi — the grandmother who got me started cooking and taught me that I could do pretty much whatever I wanted to with food. I've been working on the Five Childhood Food Memories You Miss meme after being tagged by Mrs. D and Chopper Dave over at Belly-Timber and it's amazing how much my food memories involve my grandmother. Not surprising since she was the one who always sad yes to my ridiculous requests--like a taffy pull for my sixth birthday. No problem! (No problem? Have you ever seen a roomful of six-year olds pulling taffy?) She's not around to watch the craziness that is food in the time of the Internet, but she would've loved it.

Wow, I think this is going to be a two-part alphabet. Stay tuned for the second half...just as soon as I find a picture for X, Y, or Z...

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