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Wizards of Oz (the one with 'roos)

Saffron over at The Food Palate has the latest installment of Omnivoribus Australis up, and I have spent the last hour (or two...okay, maybe three) clicking and reading and planning what to make first. Omnivoribus Australis, for those of you who, like me, have missed it until now, showcases the writing and photography of Australian food blogs — and do they ever have things to showcase!

Apparently I have been wandering around with a delusion that Australian food ran the gamut from shrimp on the barbie to vegemite. Okay, flog me with wet noodles ouch for willful ignorance, I can only say I am making up for it.

Some of my finds are:
Handy Home Projects has spelt pizza dough that actually looks like pizza dough and the cutest pizza oven in the known universe!

Lamingtons (yummy looking little chocolate and coconut coated cakes I had never heard of) at Winos And Foodies.

The Occasional Epicure goes on a downright Wonkaesque trip to a candy factory.

This is just a small sample of the many more fine blogs in Oz so wander down and explore them.

As an added bonus, I needed information on Australian wine (and food) right about now.  A local group I am involved with is doing its annual wine-tasting and auction in a few weeks and this year's theme is Wine Down Under so Omnivoribus Australis is a very handy resource.

My three big questions right now are:

  1. Apparently sweet table wine sells well at these events, but we're clueless as to what might fit the bill from that part of the world.  If anyone has thoughts about a fairly inexpensive, sweetish table wine, I'd love to hear them.
  2. What would there be to eat at a "typical" party in Australia? I know this is terribly broad, but I already copped to my utter ignorance and I don't think that shrimp smeared with vegemite is exactly the thing, even if it is my only idea.
  3. There is also a silent auction and I would love to come up with some items that are identifiably Australian (or New that the term?). Are there any Aussie companies that are generous with their charitable donations? I have just under 4 weeks to gather donations but it would be amazingly cool to have something from there to auction off. (If anyone reading this wants to donate something, Australian or otherwise, please drop me a note — you'd have my undying gratitude, whatever that is worth.)

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