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August 2005

August 15, 2005

Ewwww! Test-tube "meat"

This is just gross.

Researchers in the U.S. say the technology now exists now to produce processed meats such as burgers and sausages, starting with cells taken from cows, chickens, pigs, fish or other animals.

Industrializing the process could involve growing muscle cells on large sheets or beads suspended in a growth medium.Once the cells have grown enough, they could be scraped off and packaged. If edible sheets or beads are used, all of it could be eaten.

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August 14, 2005

What is it about food and cats? (WCB)

Since it's still the weekend, let's call this WCB--because we need more acronyms. I am waiting for DMBCLGITW? (Does My Burning Cat Look Good In This Wine?) to be announced. Although the cats might object.


These two look like they may have been in the wine themselves; can you guess which one is the kid and which the long-suffering mother?

More blogged cats at Clare Eats, who gives us this lovely excuse to share the cuteness.


August 11, 2005

Fresh Columbia River Sturgeon

One of the joys of living on the edge of the continent is the proximity to fresh fish, although it's not necessarily as easy to find it as it should be. I drive along the Columbia River and the edge of the Pacific Ocean, past some of the best fish in the country, to grocery stores that have dyed farmed Atlantic salmon and indistinguishable frozen fillets of something whitish from some other country in the fish case. Bleech!

I have never understood why anyone would bother with that, so, in keeping with the spirit of the Eat Local challenge, I'll be eating local fish for the next several months courtesy of one noble sturgeon that died so I could savor him. With a side of basamati.

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August 04, 2005

M&Ms for grownups

Mars debuts Mega M&Ms--half again as big and in new "adult" colors--today in New York.

Oh please! Isn't this just messing with perfection?

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