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September 2005

September 13, 2005

the incredible, edible cake: recipe and backstory

CakebookThis is a well-loved cookbook. When I pick it up to bake a cake--it's usual purpose--I can tell which page I need based on how the pages feel. Can you tell that this page is where my favorite cake lives? It also happens to be the cake that was selected as most edible in the most recent DMBLGIT? competition and I've been promising the recipe so I'd better get on with it.

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Local food eating local

No, that's not a redundant title--"Adorable kittens" would be a redundant title. (I see that line on the signs on store windows...are there any other kind of kittens?) In this case, the title is unfortunately accurate.

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September 08, 2005

apparently MBDLGIT!

Wow! I am honored to have one of my photos selected as most edible in the August's edition of Does My Blog Look Good In This. As usual, this group of DMBLGIT entries has some gorgeous photography; I am so glad I didn't have to pick!

I am particularly tickled by the judge's comments, "Now THAT is what in-focus looks like. Very graphic and powerful." because I am still rather new at this whole "good photography" thing and thus focus and framing are somewhat hit and miss. I'm freshly inspired to go cook something just so I can take pictures of it.

September 07, 2005

WBW13: Like Chocolate Wine


I'll have to thank Clotilde for inspiring me to participate in my first Wine Blogging Wednesday, her oh-so-tempting theme of Like Wine for Chocolate has coaxed me out of my professed cluelessness about wine to play with the real winos...ooops, I meant, the true aficianados of all things grape. Which is really funny because my chosen wine doesn't have any grapes in it, nor did I eat chocolate as I sipped. Hey, I said I was participating, I didn't say I was a slave to conformity. (Amateur Gourmet, surely you will defend my laxness on the rules? At least there was no nutella involved!)

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September 06, 2005

This is going to annoy the bacon lovers!

Monsanto has applied for a patent that would give them world-wide control over pig breeding. Not some special space-age, genetically enhanced, improved-by-Monsanto pig breeding, just normal old pig breeding.

Filed at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) in Geneva the patent application stakes a claim on pig rights in more than 160 countries, including the UK, Germany, the US, Russia, Brazil, Australia, China and India. If granted, US-based Monsanto will be in a position to prevent breeders and farmers from breeding pigs with certain characteristics or methods of breeding, or force them to pay royalties. The patents cover methods of conventional breeding and also the screening for naturally occurring genetic conditions that can make pigs grow faster. (read more)

Uh huh. And I want a patent on breathing through your nose. And snickering, because I know some of you are doing it right now. (I am thinking of a couple of bloggers with "girl" in their names, and maybe a certain Northwet islander) So you out there, snickering at the thought of patenting pig sex, pay up.

And they apparently have no sense of humor either, just ask Tom over at Bitter Greens Journal who has been chatting with their legal department over his use of the phrase, "Roundup, ready." I think he should just call it "Roundup, not ready"
 and see what they think. Remember kids, reference and ridicule is the legal grounds for satire--established in the O'Reilly v. Franken case. From what I've read, Tom's readers will help him with the ridicule if he makes the reference.

September 05, 2005

I have stevia, now what?

At the beginning of summer, in an optimistic  burst of anticipated frentic energy, I bought a lot of herb starts. And I do mean a lot of herb starts. Most of them got in the ground and are thriving (I'll have to get pictures soon) but then there's the stevia. I bought a couple, stuck them in pots thinking that would make it easy to bring them inside in fall--does that even work?--and stuck the pots in a corner by the blueberries where they'd get water while I figured out what to do with them.

bonus tangential picture in the link

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September 04, 2005

I've been slashfooded!

Okay so my life is very boring, but I am excited. Sarah Gilbert, another confessed rosemary thief, saw my Saucy article and wrote about it at slashfood!

What I am really curious about is the rosemary thievery--is this a Pacific Northwet phenomenon? Does our greenery grow in such abundance that we feel free to pinch a bit of our neighbor's? I know that anyone who visits me in my fog valley is likely to leave with a box of small plants with which to start their herb garden. And I even have lots of rosemary, one of the apprentices has made it his calling to propagate thousands of them (in one little flower bed at the moment) and an acre or two of amazingly peppery, pungent Greek oregano.

Sarah, if you're reading this, come visit and I'll give you your very own rosemary. Or two.

September 03, 2005

WCB: Moufie 1998-2005


There's a longer post on this later, but for now let me just observe the blog equivalent of a moment of silence for the best fluffcat ever.


September 01, 2005

Blog Day: it's not midnight yet is it?

If I am going to slide this in before midnight, it's going to have be a quick list.

Oswego Tea: A Canadian roaming Europe; Germany, Belgium, and she just moved to Paris. Some people live rough lives.

zarzamora: "is it possible to learn how to cook simply by being married to a cook and loitering in the kitchen? " Yes, apparently it is. The best part is that he's a geek, with science and tables and  references and everything! (note to self: get your apprentice a blog)

Seven Spoons: If little tiny Icewine strawberries in sweet wonton cones weren't enough, she's also read one of my favorite books.

The Novato Experiment: A San Franciscan moves to the deep 'burbs of Marin, although I want to see pictures of the plastic garden gnomes--they seem so anti-Marin. Plus, I once lived in Bolinas so this is almost nostalgic.

she craves: she who craves describes it as food life and anxiety from the jello belt, which is good because it's got seven words posted. I like her sense of humor already and if you go now you can discover it before everyone else. Bonus: remember how lonely it is when you have a brand new blog and nobody came by or commented? So go ahead, make her day.

Go, read, enjoy.

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