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International food blogging made easy

When you ask a food blogger — or a reader (food blogee? that so needs an accent mark!) — what they like best about blogs they will often launch into an involved rhapsodic dissertation on all the other food blogs. And they're totally right, there are many amazing food blogs out there. There's one for every taste: bakers, breadBakers, cakeBakers,    carnivores, vegans, celiacs, vicarous world travelers, chocoholics, dessert-lovers, bacontarians, breakfast-lovers, sandwich eaters, cheese devotees, farmers, caterers, adventurers, heck there's even one for when you totally lose it and go nuts!

And those are all in English!

Once you step outside the constraints of the British/American/Australian variations on English, it gets really interesting. And confusing. And, at times, a bit frustrating. You see a wonderful picture and want to make one of those lovely tortes.... of your very own. But the recipe is indecipherable...unless you speak Italian in this case.

Enter Babelfish. Based on a creation of Douglas Adams, Babelfish aims to be, if not the universal translator of Adams' dreams, your own personal translation device. Simply go to the Babelfish site, put in the URL of a site you'd like to read, select a language from the dropdown list and go.

Check it out by clicking here and here and comparing.

One sweet thing about Babelfish is that it keeps translating as you follow links, as long as the languages don't change, so you can wander around French cooking blogs for hours and hours without having to go back to Babelfish for each new site. Not that I would know anything about getting lost in French food blogs. (There's even an Italian blog in there somewhere and she's got amazing looking sweets!)

I've noticed that sometimes my firewall (ZoneAlarm) doesn't allow images to load for a site when viewed this way, but that's easy enough to fix. I simply configured it to allow all ads for the babelfish site  and it stops misreading the images as advertising.

This all started because I wanted to look at this (and this and this), which you really should go do as well. Then wander through the country of your choosing and see what the locals are cooking.

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