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WCB: two cats are more hyper than one

We've had the sort of rain that local naturalist Robert Pyle might call "ratta-tatta-tattarain with intermittent virkkaplotzs" for what seems like weeks. The rivers have spilled over their banks and receded and seem poised to do it again. Some people who have homes with decks that just out over the Columbia River were reminded of their relationship with the river when it crept over first the deck, then the doorstep. The joys of waterfront living!


My cats took advantage of a brief pause in the rain (they call them "sun breaks" up here, which is just odd) to get outside for a moment's romping.

The little black furling has now been here for six weeks and he's looking so much fatter and healthier. He's got a name too.

Allow me to introduce Bean "the S'kitten" Underfoot.


Bean for the character in the Ender series, who starts life as a scrappy little street kid before things start to look up. (If you haven't read the series, you really ought to take a look. Bean even gets his own series after a time.) The moniker of Bean came with bonus points because he was rescued from an espresso stand on the side of Hwy 101. Not a good place for a tiny, starving furling to be hanging out.


The "s" in s'kitten is for skittish, which he was at first. Extremely skittish. Even now that he's secure here, he's not overly fond of sudden loud noises —  although he is getting used to the kitchen appliances. Which is good (or so he might have you think) because it means he can spend more time under my feet while I'm working.

Apparently our cats are somehow related because they are both clearly members of the Underfoot clan, Bean's gotten a few gently squished paws while figuring out that behind my feet while I am cooking is not the best place to lurk. It doesn't help that, being almost pure black, he completely disappears into the shadows.


Like I said, two cats are more hyper than one.

Weekend cat blogging is the wonderful excuse that Clare has provided for us to show off our furlings. Her roundup of this week's cute is here.

Those of you without cats aren't left out of the fun. If you've got a dog, check out Sweetnicks for weekend dog blogging...and another charming picture of the sweetNick himself. If you've got herbs, get thee to Kalyn's Kitchen for weekend herb blogging, maybe she'll share some of the peach fresca she found. This weekend is also Paper Chef, hosted at Belly-Timber where they are cooking babies or something.

As for food, someoneElse is in the next room, just pulling some snickerdoodles with variants (nuts, craisins, both) out of the oven. And I hear more eggs being cracked. All that and a new season of Battlestar Gallactica and The L Word this weekend. The year's shaping up pretty well so far.

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