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November 18, 2005

Getting ready for a party

I apologize for the odd layout. This post is from a time when screens were narrower and center columns were much thinner and it shows.

My place is the scene of a reunion of sorts, a handful of no-longer kids who've known each other since they were actually kids have converged for a couple of days of network games and food. I asked what people wanted and was amused to see how specific their memories of my food are. Determined to relax once people arrive, I've spent a couple of days in the kitchen and just had to take pictures before the hungry hordes descend. Click below to see what I made.

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October 13, 2005

Artichoke porn

Choke2Any other day I'd have something to say about the jewel-tones of fall and enjoying the fleeting show. But it's been a rough week at the end of a rough month and I just wanted to post this because it's really pretty. And it reminds me that even the end of a season can be quite lovely, full of rich memories even if not burgeoning with immediate promise.

Life goes on. I tell myself that. Even at times when the lifecycle seems to be more about cycle than life. Say it again. Life goes on.

And the leaves that were green turn to brown. And fall, to reveal the cycle part--the tiny leaf buds, and the fatter ones that will, in the spring, become the rose...and the magnolia..and maybe even the artichoke. (okay, that's two bits from songs, someone stop me now)

And the artichoke that was green turns to purple. And it's still darned pretty. Tasty, too.

June 13, 2005

finding love in the least expected places


...or at least you find that which passes as symbolic shorthand for love...a heart!

And shortly it shall be transformed into something that can win you, if not the heart, at least the affection of most small people...and more than a few big ones... (but first I must edit the rest of the photos)

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