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Is it here yet, is it here yet???

The Kitchenmage is, by nature, a semi-nocturnal creature, being at her best between dusk and some dark hour that can be counted on one hand. So why, you may ask yourself, is she awake before the dreaded alarm went off today? And more than that, happily restless, like an eleven year old waiting for the latest Harry Potter tome. Well, faithful reader--hmmm, this blog is new enough that the singular may be accurate--it's all for you. Yes, you!

How could this be you ask?

Well, do you notice anything about today's post? (take your time, I'll go grab my tea while you think about it) What's that? You're absolutely right, there are no pictures. You have obviously already had some caffeine this morning. :-)

By now you might have guessed that the kitchenmage awaits a delivery this morning, perhaps of something that will help with the tacky pictures she's been posting. And you would be right. For today, the delivery guy brings this.

Yes, after much debate, a few false starts, and an extra few days of waiting (it was supposed to arrive last Saturday but they shipped it the wrong way), the camera to die for arrives today. A Nikon D70, a truly wondrous device, and one that brings back many sweet childhood memories of shooting pictures with the mage's older brother and his trusty old Nikon. It's almost as if the new camera promised to show up smelling of vanilla and cinnamon...but better!

In the meantime, the kitchenmage paces. And looks out the front window every two minutes. And paces some more.

Is it here yet?
Is it here yet?
Is it here yet?

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