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15 gpm at 38 feet!

Many people take the fundamentals of what is called civilization for granted, secure in the knowledge that a flipped switch provides electricity and a turned facuet dispenses water. A failure in said systems means, at worst, a phone call and perhaps a brief wait until "they" fix it. Those people should move to the country for a few years. evilGrin

Out here, the power's not quite so regular and water is often difficult to find and harder to maintain. Seems odd for the Pacific Northwet (not a typo), but that's just the way it is. We are in the middle of putting in a new well, something that anyone who has done it knows it fraught with potential for things to go horribly wrong: no water, bad water (there's lots of iron out here), even salt water! Sometimes this means starting over--not cheap on something that's billed by the foot--other times it means expensive filtration systems.

Everyone is happy to share their own personal horror story, for example, our next-door neighbor drilled down 100+ feet and hit saltwater. Drilling more than one hole before hitting good water is not uncommon. Even if the drilling goes well, you still get noisy, heavy equipment running around your yard. And did I mention you pay by the foot? As you might guess, this makes waiting while they find the water pretty nerve-wracking.

They started drilling yesterday and within half a day had water. Good water, from the same aquifer as the current well. At 38 feet! That's far fewer feet to pay for than we expected. (picture a happily dancing kitchenmage!)

There's more work to come, and I'm taking photos so I can tell the story of how a stick in the ground becomes water, but for now, look at that water!


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