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Ewwww! Test-tube "meat"

This is just gross.

Researchers in the U.S. say the technology now exists now to produce processed meats such as burgers and sausages, starting with cells taken from cows, chickens, pigs, fish or other animals.

Industrializing the process could involve growing muscle cells on large sheets or beads suspended in a growth medium.Once the cells have grown enough, they could be scraped off and packaged. If edible sheets or beads are used, all of it could be eaten.

The last time I read something food-related that was as disgusting as meat that is "scraped off and packaged" was a recipe (and I use the term with trepidation) from a certain RR that said you should thaw frozen spinach and "wring it out."

Is it just me or is food that's scraped off something and/or wrung out just awful sounding?

And for my serious question, would you eat this is you were vegetarian? Vegan? Where does it fit on the Kosher, Halal, or other religious diets? It's not exactly "from" any animal in the usual sense. It certainly doesn't harm the animals--what it does to the people is perhaps to be determined later--so there's one group of non-carnivores who might eat some. People who object to food with faces would certainly be unable to object on that basis.

And yet, I think it might make more people turn against meat. Or maybe it's just that I recently read a short story called, "The Bellman" which provides a whole other perspective about lab-grown meat...and the alternatives.

Ick, bleech, shudder...I am going to go wash my brain off now.

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