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August 2005

August 31, 2005

Katrina: Find people, feed people

As I watch the footage of the Gulf Coast, I am at a loss for words. The scale of the disaster is almost incomprehensible and everything I’ve written about it seems somehow trite. So rather than blather on like an idiot, I thought I’d be somewhat useful. A friend just sent me some useful links, including a website that is helping people locate loved ones, so I’m sharing.

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August 29, 2005

Memories of childhood food

I feel I've been somewhat remiss in posting lately, alternating between feast and famine. So when I was finally driven from the warm comfort of my bed at the unbearably early hour of 7am today by the rain that pounded down on the roof all night I figured it was a good day to catch up a bit. You can perhaps imagine my frustration that the same deluge that kept me awake a lot of the night is turning my satellite into a highly intermittent communication device: this does NOT make blogging easier! And I am nowhere near the Gulf coast and Katrina. (if you are, stay safe)

Top of my list of undone writing is Five Childhood food memories you miss, having been tagged by either Mrs. D, Chopper Dave, or one of the four-legged furlings at Belly-Timber. Personally, I am betting it was the cat. Anyway, after the usual delay, here goes.

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August 28, 2005

WCB: one snoozing, one attitude

If it's the weekend it's also our weekly excuse for sharing the cuteness. 

Today was a lazy day for at least one of my furlings, as you can see. I don't know what she's going to do when we plant that magnolia.


The other ball of fur (or is that fluff?) was apparently less than amused by having his picture taken...or channeling his inner 7 year-old.

The rest of the cats have been collected, as usual, by Clare over at eat stuff so do go check out this week's dose of adorable.

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September is tasty in Seattle

Denizens of the Seattle area might want to jump on over to Dinner at 8 and start planning their September eating. As I peruse the list of participating restaraunts I realize it's been a long time since I lived in Seattle, I haven't been to nearly enough of them! The deal is three courses (starter, entree, dessert) for twenty dollars. It's good Sun-Thurs all month, which works out to one place every night with a few left over. (The adventurous can always try two places a night once or twice.) Special bonus: put it on a certain credit card and you get a half-pound of Caffé Vita coffee. I just may have to plan a trip to the city.

August 27, 2005

quote (and picture) of the day

In my meanderings today I found what may be my new motto on Three Tarts, a self-described collaboration between one cook, one eater, and one cheese smuggler.

Someone gave chocolate fondue to a two-year old and luckily for us someone brought a camera. You really must go here and get your day's dose of cuteness. If you're not convinced of this, how about a quote to make you click the link?

"After all, nothing says "good party" like chocolate up one's nose."

August 24, 2005

NTS: weigh all the empty bowls

One handy thing about having a kitchen scale is the ability to reset (or tare) the scale to 0 between additions of ingredients--this lets me grab an empty bowl, toss it on the scale, hit 0, add butter, hit 0, add sugar, hit 0, and so on. Each ingredient gets weighed individually even though they are in the same container. Pretty cool, huh?

My downfall is that I keep finding myself with a bowl that already has something in it that I need to weigh. Like now, I am making a chocolate mint torte and have a bowl of broken chocolate to which I just added melted butter. Butter that was being infused with mint. Butter that stuck to the mint. And I don't know how much butter stuck to the mint. It's like doing an algebra problem with more unknowns than knowns. beats head on keyboard

Which is why I need to weigh all my bowls when they are empty. And put a list on the inside of the cupboard door above the counter where the scale lives. It'll make the math so much easier. (and really, I only use about 10 different bowls for mixing things, so how hard could it be?) I'll do it today, just as soon as the sourdough bread and torte are done...and the chutney is canned...and I get back from the store...and clean things up a bit...and...and...

August 23, 2005

Two days left to look marvelous

...and you do look marvelous, you know... as does this chunk of bread, which has no purpose but to give me an excuse to post a picture of my bread that has "holes for the little people to live in" as my good friend J says. It's taken a while to be able to pull this crumb off reliably and easily, but is it ever worth the effort!


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A is for Apple, and April...even in August

Today's post is brought to you by the letters A, B, C, and a few of their friends. (I'm not sure because I am winging this and then posting whatever I end up with — call it a writing exercise — and I only have the first half-dozen letters covered at the moment) It's not really my fault, I had several random small things I wanted to write about and the first one was so elementary — some might say abecederian — that I couldn't get beyond the oh-so-obvious start. Some days, the muse walks up, whacks you in the head and says, "duh, do it that way" I did. Wish me luck.

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August 18, 2005

Why didn't I know they make mango cutters?

I am not a huge fan of single-purpose kitchen tools...well, that's not exactly true...actually I'd love to have a ton of them, but I posess neither the money nor the drawer space to do so. In any case, this one may make the cut even if it only works for mangos. Although I am sure preparing a mango is a learnable skill, I haven't exactly mastered the slippery beasts. I always end up with a gooey mess and a bit that's more smooshed than sliced.

Look at this mango that's been sliced with said gizmo; It;s sort of a tropical fruit version of Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors. And, I daresay, rather lacivious.

August 15, 2005

Wizards of Oz (the one with 'roos)

Saffron over at The Food Palate has the latest installment of Omnivoribus Australis up, and I have spent the last hour (or two...okay, maybe three) clicking and reading and planning what to make first. Omnivoribus Australis, for those of you who, like me, have missed it until now, showcases the writing and photography of Australian food blogs — and do they ever have things to showcase!

Apparently I have been wandering around with a delusion that Australian food ran the gamut from shrimp on the barbie to vegemite. Okay, flog me with wet noodles ouch for willful ignorance, I can only say I am making up for it.

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