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NTS: weigh all the empty bowls

One handy thing about having a kitchen scale is the ability to reset (or tare) the scale to 0 between additions of ingredients--this lets me grab an empty bowl, toss it on the scale, hit 0, add butter, hit 0, add sugar, hit 0, and so on. Each ingredient gets weighed individually even though they are in the same container. Pretty cool, huh?

My downfall is that I keep finding myself with a bowl that already has something in it that I need to weigh. Like now, I am making a chocolate mint torte and have a bowl of broken chocolate to which I just added melted butter. Butter that was being infused with mint. Butter that stuck to the mint. And I don't know how much butter stuck to the mint. It's like doing an algebra problem with more unknowns than knowns. beats head on keyboard

Which is why I need to weigh all my bowls when they are empty. And put a list on the inside of the cupboard door above the counter where the scale lives. It'll make the math so much easier. (and really, I only use about 10 different bowls for mixing things, so how hard could it be?) I'll do it today, just as soon as the sourdough bread and torte are done...and the chutney is canned...and I get back from the store...and clean things up a bit...and...and...

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