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I have stevia, now what?

At the beginning of summer, in an optimistic  burst of anticipated frentic energy, I bought a lot of herb starts. And I do mean a lot of herb starts. Most of them got in the ground and are thriving (I'll have to get pictures soon) but then there's the stevia. I bought a couple, stuck them in pots thinking that would make it easy to bring them inside in fall--does that even work?--and stuck the pots in a corner by the blueberries where they'd get water while I figured out what to do with them.

bonus tangential picture in the link

Here it is September (whenever that happened) and I have a couple of rather healthy potted stevia, a handful of dried stevia leaves, and no real clue what to do with either. The leaves are rather tasty and I am going to try steeping one with the tea leaves in my next cup of tea, and it tastes like it should infuse cream--or does heat destroy the sweetness? See how clueless I am on this one!

Then there's the gardening side. Can I bring it in as a houseplant for the winter? I think I need to, since it freezes here. It looks less fragile than basil and like it might work as indoors, although I doubt I'd get much of a harvest over the winter. Maybe I could do a bonsai sculpture with them...hmmm, now that's an interesting thought.

...and a picture of a japanese maple, because it's in my front yard and I like it. It's also one of the first pictures that I took with my shiny new camera that I really like.


and then there's my double super secret project, but I am going to be like FarmGirl and just tell you that I'll tell you soon...

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