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Local food eating local

No, that's not a redundant title--"Adorable kittens" would be a redundant title. (I see that line on the signs on store windows...are there any other kind of kittens?) In this case, the title is unfortunately accurate.

See, I live across the street from a field where about half a dozen cows graze. I would take a picture of the pastoral scene with the cows and the valley and rolling hills and the sunshine...but I am just not in the mood. (I bet Farmgirl is already ahead of this story)

We were sitting relaxing on the couch last evening when we looked up to see a couple of tons of beef. Outside my sliding glass door. Eating. My. Magnolia.

These two trees were once twins; can you tell which one was dinner?
Cowtree01Cowtree04Ah well, there are some special joys to living in the country, but at least when my neighbor's "kids" trash something at my place it doesn't involve my car stereo.  And we happily discovered that cows run away when you yell at them. Which is good because if they'd run towards us the picture would be of a trashed dining room!

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