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Useful, time suck, or both...?

Oh my, this could be trouble. Google has a blog searching interface.

My first few searches show a fair amount of noise-to-signal, some duplication, and lots of hits. Some results also show "related blogs" at the top; apparently matches based on blog title since a search for "kitchenmage" shows mine and "pim" shows Pim's, but "Clotilde" doesn't show hers while "chocolate" does. Along with almost three-quarters of a million hits! 

Indexing the blog title for use like this is an interesting aspect of this search feature--particularly for new bloggers. Bets on how long until someone puts up a blog called something like "I want to be Pim!" to take advantage of this?

I am not sure what's up with the duplicated results, and there are quite a few on some searches, but it's still fairly new so maybe this will sort out soon. Also available: RSS and Atom feeds for your searches; sort of like Google Alerts for blogs. (which reminds me, I am still looking for a feed reader I like, anyone got one they recommend?)

I think I'm voting for useful time suck...and now I must go figure out how to tweak my searches and work on that signal-to-noise ratio.

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