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The hot and steamy object of my desire

Bestill my baker's heart, there's a new contender for the top of my list of things I covet. Sure it's only big enough to bake one loaf at a time, but check out this baby. I've checked my pockets and between the couch cushions but I seem to be about $1287 short of the $1300 list price, darn it!

This gleaming hunk of stainless is Sharp's AX-700S Superheated Steam Oven, which is pretty and all that but has one feature that sets it high on my lust list. Steam! Steam that they say is superheated to 550 degrees. Imagine the bagels, the beautifully bloomed bread slashes, the sauna in your kitchen. Well, maybe that last isn't such a great selling point, but the steam is. No more hovering and spritzing the oven, just gorgeous bread.

Someone at Sharp needs to put "bread" in the ad copy, however, which currently reads like it's designed purely for the microwave loving crowd. And I have to wonder about presets that include "fresh vegetables, crisp" and "fresh vegetables, tender" but no differentation between types of vegetables other than potatoes, which have their own setting. Do their product designers think all other vegetables are created equal?

But who cares about advertising? Back to the bread baking.
I wonder if you can fit a pizza stone in it.
I wonder if Sharp wants a bread baking blogger to try.
Probably not, but a mage can dream, can't she?

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