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WCB: Still nameless, but very much at home


She's still nameless, although we have a few contenders, but she's very much at home...and apparently bored by what TV had to offer.

Every weekend, food bloggers share their favorite felines via Kiri's person Clare at Eat Stuff. Some weeks the cats, being the political aware animals that they are, even give us a cat-related cause to support.

Next week is Kiri's birthday so start planning costumes and drugs for the cats--because Clare, I am not sure what you feed Kiri, but my cat looks at some of Kiri's pictures and then at me as if to say, "try that and you'll be typing with one hand!" I think I'll have to photoshop something in.

Check out this week's collection and enjoy the cats. This week's group so far:

Check out the cute glinda in a kitty sling! I so want one for Kiri!!!! at Anne's Food
Check out the growing little kittens who are taking over Boos house at Masak Masak!
Check out the pusses who ardusting to their new found celebrity status at The Food Pornogropher
Check out Tigger basking in thew sunlight at Look hunny, I cooked
Check out the newly renamed Bowser setting in at A cat in the Kitchen
Check out Trina hanging out in the window at Indyfoodie
Check out the Phi Phi Island asian lucky cat at Les Carnets de sbmarie
Check out Baily the cute fluff ball at The Moveable Feast Food Blog
Check out the guest kitty Kitties at Kayaksoup
*Pause for a moment for the lost Minnaloushe* I am so sorry for your loss Barbara,
but we welcome the new kitten on the blockMei-Mei Ari the adorable fluffball at Tigers & Strawberries *Cute Kitten alert*
Check out Le Chat and P. I. T. A. (LOL!) at Heather's Space
Check out Bussi enjoying some "Aromatherapy".... HA! sure... at Basic Juice
Check out Smudge, the AMAZING SELF RESCUING KITTY! at Farmgirlfare
Check out Mrs Domino the wcb foster kitty rolling around at Farmgirlfare
Check out the ever fiesty Mrs Kitty  who is keeping her strength up at Belly-Timber
Check out Wellington the gourmand at Modern Girls Kitchen
Check out the Vodka Cat Recording device at Cel's Home page

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