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WCB: the nameless furling

If it's Sunday, it must be time for the oodles of cute known as Weekend Cat Blogging!

My entry is simple--one kitten, one basket, one camera. The hard part is deciding which of the many faces of adorableness to post. Let's start with this.
Basketofcuteness5The still-nameless furling (or the carefully enunciated "the little kitten" as she's known 'round here) has the most amazing eyes. She stares right at you and holds eye contact forever--which is about 10 seconds in kitten time--as if to say, "Am I not the most adorbale thing you've ever seen? Is that not worth some salmon? How will you turn me into a good foodie-cat if you don't serve me fresh wild salmon?" I fear this sweet little thing will turn to threats to tell my secrets to the world of floggers if I don't acquiesce soon.

This sequence was shot in about 5 seconds and speaks for itself. Where do they get all that energy and why can't we harness it to run our KitchenAids?

Basketofcuteness2Basketofcuteness3Maybe by next week, her royal cuteness will have a real name. I'm open to suggestions, but after this and the followup, I am a little scared to ask. But feel free to volunteer thoughts. If you come up with something that inspires me, I am sure I can come up with a suitable prize. Maybe FG and I can photoshop something. evilGrin


This week's entries, direct from Kiri's site--oh, did I say Kiri? I meant Clare, really I did. laughs

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