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WCB: The Usurper

My weekend has pretty much looked like this.
StandoffWe brought home the kitten we had laidaway a couple of weeks ago last Thursday and there's been a bit of contention here on the homefront. Nothing serious mind you, just the usual "getting to know the usurper" rituals.
More cuteness after the jump.

The kitten is as yet unnamed, although Wesley obviously thinks her name is "Usurper" since  her place as solitary queen of all she surveys is being usurped. But how could you not love this face?
UsurperfaceThe nameless one is quite the tightrope walker; give her a narrow thing to walk and she's there. One of her favorite places so far is the dining room chairs, a safe place from which she can watch Wesley without getting thwacked.






Late this afternoon, I went outside and sat down to take a few pictures of the herb garden. Within about a minute, I had this picture. Just in case my lap was feeling neglected, I guess.


Still later, the standoff momentarily resolved, quiet descends.Wesleypillow


Farmgirl is doing this week's roundup, so be sure to stop by for the complete list of catness. This is the list of kitties so far and there are some truly adorable cats today.

Rima at Les Carnets de Marie in Paris
The sticky situation that Muse got herself into at
Pekoe at Belly-Timber in Washington
Bella & Tasha at A Few Of My Favourite Things
The dueling kitties at Masak-Masak in Malaysia (and the link to an important SPCA petition that can be signed by anyone in the world)
Darling Glinda at Anne's Food in Sweden
Ike on display at Restaurant Widow in Columbus, Ohio
Houdini Watching For The Neighbor Kittens at Middle-Fork
Eleven year old Nepal at Le Sens du Gout
Tigger at Look Hunny, I Cooked in The Netherlands
The cute kitty monsters at Rosa's Yummy Yums in Switzerland
Chelsea & Spencer at Je Mange La Ville in Portland, Oregon
Romeo loving the mohair at Basic Juice
Agnes at Kayak Soup in Vancouver, British Columbia
Miss Kitty at Culinary In The Desert in Arizona

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