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Getting ready for a party

I apologize for the odd layout. This post is from a time when screens were narrower and center columns were much thinner and it shows.

My place is the scene of a reunion of sorts, a handful of no-longer kids who've known each other since they were actually kids have converged for a couple of days of network games and food. I asked what people wanted and was amused to see how specific their memories of my food are. Determined to relax once people arrive, I've spent a couple of days in the kitchen and just had to take pictures before the hungry hordes descend. Click below to see what I made.










Two cookie jars (a triple batch of oatmeal chocolate chip, some with walnuts and coconut in the glass; another triple batch of extra-cinnamon snickerdoodles in the ceramic), fruit for salad at lunch tomorrow, other stuff for tomorrow night's salad, chocolate cake layers (in plastic wrap upper right).


















Backup cookies. These will be gone in 36 hours. Guaranteed.






From top: Salad mix, fresh spinach dip, bucket of dough for pizza crusts (lunch), and the drawer holds tons of cheese and some danish dough.
















Five chickens hacked into pieces and frozen in a marinade of rosemary, lemon, dijon, garlic, and more rosemary. (If I grill this, I add rosemary branches to the fire just before I put the chicken on.)








Eggs to be deviled.








Herbed sourdough loaves rising.

Not shown: The rest of tonight's dinner, salmon for dinner tomorrow (with garlic mashed potatoes and this very precisely described salad--feta, cranberries, walnuts, raspberry vinagrette), any of breakfast (eggs, pancakes, bacon, hash browns--one of these kids has been living in farming country and got  used to old-fashioned country breakfasts), or the stash of chocolate and alcohol for the cook.

There will be "after" shots for comparison. Wish me luck.

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