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Thinking out loud about Thanksgiving dinner

After the party last weekend--which somehow grew from not-quite 36 hours to about three days--I find myself blinking at my not-quite-recovered house (and my very not recovered self) and wondering why someone scheduled Thanksgiving for his week. My feet still hurt from the last orgy of cooking and my creative juices seem at an all-time low. Somehow I doubt this will be a convincing argument for why I am serving sandwiches on Thursday. (Oh relax, I am only kidding.) But you know, with an alter ego named kitchenMage, one can't exactly afford to slack off on the greatAmericanEatUntilYouDrop day.

Luckily, there are a few strategically important ingredients left from last week and I already have the turkey so I am starting with a few things on hand. To complicate matters further, this is my first big holiday dinner in this kitchen so I have no historic rhythm to fall back on and my guest list is fluid--somewhere between four and eight last I heard. Oh, and I am determined to pull this off without shopping anywhere except in evenTinierTown's grocery store. Uh huh.

Note to self: stop at liquor store today, the cook needs a drink!

Here's the menu so far, this may not survive first contact with the grocery store.

I have phyllo and a bunch of feta so it's becoming some sort of appetizer.

Turkey roasted with citrus and sage and gravy.

Sausage and randomBread dressing (I have a freezer full of bread, much of it with herbs...some of it will become dressing.)

Mashed potatoes  (maybe with roasted garlic, because I've got a lot of it on hand)

Sweet potatoes (I am thinking baked, cut into chunks and finished in a reduction of apple cider and spices)

Cranberries two ways: fresh cranberry/orange relish and some form of lightly cooked sauce for the traditionalists.

Gluten-free girl's roasted cocoa cauliflower because I have a spare head of cauliflower in the fridge.

Rolls (wheat berry and some kind of white-breadish ones I will make in the next two my spare time.)

Salad of some sort--I have romaine and tons of stuff I can use, but this is waiting until I see what else I am making.

Bay-infused pumpkin tart (from the first Herbfarm cookbook)

Beyond that, I am looking at what's in the store. I need another vegetable, more pre-dinner munchies (some of the guests are driving three hours to get here) and another dessert might be good. If anyone has suggestions, please share. I am especially in search of things I can make ahead of time.

Now it's off to the store, then a meeting, then home to put my aching feet up for an hour with the last sliver of the chocolate cake from the recent party. Tomorrow I start cooking. And looking for a container that will hold a brining turkey.

Oh yeah, I am also performing a wedding ceremony for some friends on Wed. Luckily for me, they are driving to me since I have a cool beach and a tight schedule. Maybe it'll be a sunset ceremony. Hopefully they'll bring something to drink.

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