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Coca Sek: the real "real thing"?

We all know that Coca-cola used to contain a bit of cocaine, even though Coca-cola now denies it. Other soft drink companies are a bit more honest, one might say refreshingly so, about the not-so-secret ingredients in their drinks. Coca Sek, a new offering from a small business in Colombia (yes, that Colombia), is essentially bottled coca tea. Yep, that coca.

David Curtidor, who leads the tiny company that produces the drink is not a bit shy about their drink's use of the coca leaf saying, "It's an energizing drink. It's like coffee since it is lightly stimulating." While they haven't measured the amount of the alkaloids in the drink, it doesn't seem to be substantial. From what I've read, there haven't been reports of adverse effects from Coca Sek and more than a few people in Colombia regularly drink coca tea or chew the leaves with effects similar to those of coffee.

Curtidor also says it's a political statement about transnational companies like the Coca-Cola Co., which "symbolizes imperialist domination." Well, they do have a point about locally produced, small business, sustainable agriculture foodstuff. Wonder if Slow Food will get behind them as the producers of what seems to be prett much another coffee-like drink.  chuckle

Given the current international stance on certain plants, however, it seems like this drink will be limited to Colombia for the forseeable future. (I do have to wonder about challenges under NAFTA/CAFTA/WTO trade laws though.) In any case, since Curtidor's business lacks even a single delivery truck, I doubt this is showing up outside the region anytime soon. I wonder if I have a reader in Colombia who would like to provide a report on the taste...or the effect.

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