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Maybe it's New Year's Resolutions, maybe it's in response to a recent LA Times article that slagged pretty much all non-niche food-bloggers, maybe it's mid-winter doldrums, or the start of a calendar year for business. Whatever the reason, this month is bringing all sorts of changes in the online food community.

Kate and Tara of Accidental Hedonist have teamed up with Megan of IHeartBacon to launch The Well Fed Network. Consisting, so far, of four focused sites and a main site that aggregates them, Well Fed has an interesting mix of topics and contributers. Check out the network here:

Sticky Date is a food blog event tracking site from Sweetnicks (who is way too busy these days! she's got an event for every day of the week on her blog).

Sam of Becks and Posh and Andrew of Spittoon/Slashfood/etc have put together Foodography, a photography challenge with a new theme every month and not much else in the way of rules. I am looking forward to the pictures from this event, should be highly educational for me (I've only recently taken my camera out of auto-mode) as well as being eye candy.

Mighty Foods is about "...natural foods, organic ingredients, fair-trade products, veg-friendly recipes, sustainable farming, whole grains, organic wines, ingredient spotlights, news, profiles, reviews, gift ideas, new product information, culinary travel ideas, studies and trends - information and inspiration..." Read this interview with Heidi of 101 Cookbooks for some insight into why she's put up Mighty Foods and what you can look forward to.

Tana of Small Farms (a gorgeous site where I lurk when I have time to spend drooling over gorgeous farmers...err, ummm, i mean gorgeous farms...or even the oh-so-gorgeous Logan) has moved the Food Blogger map to a new home. Bookmark it to check back and see who is in your neighborhood. Unless of course, you're me. Then nobody is in your neighborhood. Nobody is even close. sniff sniff


In a Nutshell, with a focus on nuts, of course, has risen Phoenix-like from the ashes of Comfort Food. It looks like it'll be interesting, since Lisa's still heading up the show and she says she's defining what's a nut and what's not (some of us may be in trouble); only posting once a week and promising "history, geographical origins, lore and nutrition;" and she's not talking about peanuts due to allergies. The first post of the new stuff is Glazed Maple-Pecan Scones, which is one heck of a start. In a Nutshell available at the same URL so if you're into nuts, or Lisa, stop on by.

Phew! I am tired just from writing all that up. It must be time to sit down with some tea and one of those yummy scones from Lisa and do some reading.

What new finds have I missed? Are you planning on doing anything different this year? Sitting on a big secret like a new food-related job or an upcoming book deal? (I have a private bet with myself about who the next food blogger with a book deal will be. They were even hinting about a project with a tight deadline the other day.) Share your recent discoveries with me.

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