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One of these things is not like the other

Imagine, if you will, a kitchen. It's a typical kitchen, perhaps like yours, the mess from the half-made peanut butter cookies spills onto the counter near the remnants of some snacks: fragments of chips, a smidge of hummus, the usual. Tea has just been poured and you're looking forward to putting up your feet for a minute before you tackle the mess.

Spying a good sized dollop of peanut butter cookie dough on the counter next to the mixer, you think the salty-sweet dough would be excellent right now and reach absentmindedly to snag it with a finger.

Except it's hummus.

The truly odd thing is that for about the first half-second, I couldn't tell. I would have thought that I'd notice something like this before my mouth closed on it. Because really. Hummus. Peanut butter cookie dough. So not the same beast. But apparently the combination of the aroma of the chili that someoneElse has simmering on the stove, distraction, and expectations are one strong persuader.

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