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Happy spring!

Yeah, I know I am a few days late, but after all the gorgeous daffodils, I was waiting for something else to bloom. That and the writing project that's got me somewhat snowed under at the moment. I think that means the blog is on largely Occasional Fog Valley Photo rations for a week or two...maybe even three. Luckily for me, it's spring; makes it much easier to find things to photogenic things around the garden.

StarmagnoliaToday, I offer you my spring garden's first magnolia blossoms, on a remarkably healthy and robust little tree considering that it wsa found languishing bare and forgotten in the corner of a Fred Meyer late last fall. We snagged it for ten bucks with the knowledge that it was a gamble. It really was a spindly little thing and we weren't at all sure that it was going to make it, but it certainly seems to have done well.

Much as daffodils denote a certain aspect of spring — often the equinox —  my star magnolias herald the emergence of soft perennial herbs like lovage. I checked and, sure enough, the tightly furled asparagus-like stalks are poking through the moss patch in the shadow of the big rosemary bush. But that's another picture and I've got three weeks of writing to go...must save some for later.

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