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WCB: What is it about cats and kitchens?

I've been neglecting this poor blog lately, something about deadlines. (and I know I am not the only one...) But I managed to snap a picture of River tonight, in one of those spots you have to think about to appreciate.


First, check out the locations of appliances and sink. Those tall cabinets on the right are where a lot of the food is stored. Nice placement of the sleeping cat, huh? There's barely enough space to walk around her to the refrigerator, and there's a door beyond it to the right. The cabinets open without hitting her, just. Take one too many steps backward while working at the oven and she's squished like a bug.

One might wonder: how did she come to such a sleeping spot? It's not soft. It's not dark.  It's not quiet. It is, in fact, in the middle of stuff. Stuff being, in this case, two kinds, dinner, and cleaning. Well, we named her Underfoot for a reason.

Weekend Cat Blogging is Clare and Kiri's weekly collection of fantastic felines. This week, Kiri's got a new condo with space for visitors.

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