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Stockhouse's Farm CSA

Yellowmagnolia It is perhaps a paradox that it is easier to find a farm offering CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscriptions in the city than out here in evenTinierTown. Odd though that may be, I spent last summer watching sadly as friends of mine in Seattle got weekly boxes of farm-fresh produce, brimming with marvelous, and sometimes new to them, produce while I had to make do with going to a chain grocery store for far too much of what we ate. Sure, I have friends who felt took pity on my gardenless self and gifted me with the occasional overflow from their own gardens, but it's just not the same as having a plot of raised beds and a CSA.

My summer holds plans for building those raised-bed, but that's still not going to help much with the lack of fresh produce — or the most-of-an-hour (one way) drive usually required to procure any. And, even looking at it unrealistically, It will be next year before I harvest more than fresh herbs and the occasional tomato from my own garden.

Shhouse Perhaps this explains my joy at receiving mail the other day announcing that The Stockhouse Farm is doing a CSA this year. In fact, they are doing two seasons: one from May-July, the other AUgust-October (or maybe November depending on weather and harvest). Subscriptions are designed to feed two people and at $120 for a season, it's only 10 bucks a week! How's that for a deal?

This CSA looks promising for reasons beyond getting farm-fresh food every week. One reason: Rob Stockhouse told me that they grew well over a dozen different kinds of potatoes last year, including some I'd never heard of. I am hoping for a similar range of goodies this year because the only thing better than just-picked food is just-picked food you've never gotten a chance to try before. All that, and only 13 food-miles from the soil in which it grows to my kitchen.

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