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meet the kittens, part four

Since several of my kitten pictures are among the top kitten images on Google, I figure that maybe some of you would like a chance to have your very own copies. If so, please visit my Cafe Press shop kittenMage and take a look at the adorable kittens. (more soon)

For days now, the world has conspired to make it hard to get a "meet the kittens" picture of the last little one and the 531 blurred images of a black and white furling have renewed my appreciation for digital photography. Today, however, the stars aligned and I got my chance.


Meet T3, the third generation of remarkably similar tuxedo cats. Grandma's name is actually Tux, because when "he" wandered into the Inn at Lucky Mud as a stray it seemed like an obvious choice. River, who was a perfect little replicant, was nicknamed Tuxette when she was a baby.

Below, for your comparing amusement, is River as a 2 month old.


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