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June 2006

June 13, 2006

a tree grows in evenTinierTown

Tidbittree009 Late this afternoon, as the rain crept up our valley, someoneElse and I took a scrap of fabric from the very first shirt I made for him, wrapped it around a tiny midnight-black bundle and buried it under an oak-leaf hydrangea while River stood watch. The hydrangea, carefully located where I can see it from my kitchen window, will soon be covered in weeping branches of tiny white flowers...which seems appropriate somehow.

Tidbit died shortly before 5 this morning in a pool of light spilled from a flashlight in a darkened kitchen, on a towel on the floor surrounded by me, someoneElse and River. ...and a sockful of warm rice. I have more to say, just not quite yet.


This is one of the very last pictures I took of Tidbit, getting a kiss from his mom after one of his last feedings. Probably the one where he gained that misleading 4 grams!

River is roaming the house looking for him; she paces the hall, lays down in front of each closed door in turn, then comes up to us and burbles questioningly; she has repeatedly checked every room (and closet) in the house. (we did show her that he was dead, but not being a cat psychologist, I am not sure how that whole 'understanding' thing works here...other than apparently not so well yet) It's heartwrenching to watch. We pick her up, we skritch her ears, we explain he's gone and we miss him too...then I cry.

The rest of the kittens, on the other hand, are doing well. They've gained 20-30 grams in 3 days (their little  bellies are bulging) and Trubble is starting to look up towards the top of the current box as he stumbles around learning to walk.

June 12, 2006

Tidbit bits

After a day full of experimentation with liquids (sugar-water, honey-water, homemade goat milk-based 'tidbit food,' filtered water, as well watered down versions of everything) and methods (wrapped in a kitchen towel, head being stroked, eyedropper moving between the corner of his mouth and the front to encourage licking up his food) Tidbit is up to 200 grams! I know full well that 4 grams is very little in the greater scheme of things and that it's likely to (literally) evaporate overnight, but it's the first gain in ~48 hours and it feels good. Plus there was a moment when his tummy bulged down to fill my hand under the least a tiny little tidbit of a bulge.

June 11, 2006

Failure to thrive is not an option!


Isn't that just the warmest, softest pile of furlings you've seen lately? (The picture is about a week old and while I was all geared up to brave River's indignant m'rows to get some more current ones for this weekend's WCB, life has intervened. How unusual.)

The kittens grow so fast now, they look different almost from one day to the next...fat bellies, eyes opening, heads are starting to perk up when we come into the room or turn on a light. They are rapidly cruising towards fat, happy and crawling all over the not-yet-kittenproofed house.

Except for one.

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June 06, 2006

meet the kittens, part four

Since several of my kitten pictures are among the top kitten images on Google, I figure that maybe some of you would like a chance to have your very own copies. If so, please visit my Cafe Press shop kittenMage and take a look at the adorable kittens. (more soon)

For days now, the world has conspired to make it hard to get a "meet the kittens" picture of the last little one and the 531 blurred images of a black and white furling have renewed my appreciation for digital photography. Today, however, the stars aligned and I got my chance.


Meet T3, the third generation of remarkably similar tuxedo cats. Grandma's name is actually Tux, because when "he" wandered into the Inn at Lucky Mud as a stray it seemed like an obvious choice. River, who was a perfect little replicant, was nicknamed Tuxette when she was a baby.

Below, for your comparing amusement, is River as a 2 month old.


June 02, 2006

meet the kittens, part three

Since several of my kitten pictures are among the top kitten images on Google, I figure that maybe some of you would like a chance to have your very own copies. If so, please visit my Cafe Press shop kittenMage and take a look at the adorable kittens. (more soon)

I have this theory that every litter of kittens has one that takes on the role of Trubble (named for this cat, perhaps you can see why she got the name originally), an honorary position that generally involves being the instigator of much mayhem. Yes, I realize that, like "adorable kittens," mayhem might be redundant to the natural state of kittens, but Trubbles approach life on a slightly different tangent from the rest of the litter.

Trubbles can often be seen swimming through the pile of kittens while the rest of them try to quietly nurse themselves to sleep; they are usually the first to break out of containment, and are often caught climbing the fence, blazing a path for the rest of the litter; if all of the kittens but one are contentedly doing something, the one will be Trubble, and what they are doing will make you laugh.

Trubble is a sort of Pan to rest of the Lost Kittens, if you will.

One Trubble of my memory used to wait until Geek, the tiny coal black runt, was hiding in a clay flower pot and then start rolling it around the deck. Pretty soon, another kitten would run up to stick a paw through the drain hole in the bottom of the pot to swat at Geek enough to get him to stick his paw out the hole and play. I'd look up from my computer to see this terra-cotta pot being rolled around by several kittens while this very happy tiny black furling batted at them from the protection of a very sturdy planting pot.

Kittens have personalities from an amazingly early age, with some seeming to find theirs just minutes after birth. Such is today's least it has that look so far. He's She's the firstborn, also known as the twelve minute old kitten, and he she staked his claim on the position of Trubble even earlier than that! As I was going to get the camera for the very first pictures, I noticed that River had her teeth clamped around this guy's girl's neck and was dragging him her back from partway up the side of the basket where enough towels had been piled to offer him her a head start on escape. He She was maybe eight minutes old at the time! Eight! You can see why we decided he's she's the most likely to be Trubble.


Here he she is in a rare moment of repose — the kittens mostly just zone out in someoneElse's hands, it's so darned adorable!

More just as soon as I get a chance to extract them from River's protective paws. In case you've missed any of these babies, check the 'adorable kittens' category I created to collect the adorable kitten pictures.

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