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wcb: four kittens and the outside adventure

Clare and Kiri from eat stuff organize weekend cat blogging to provide us with an excuse to bring on the cute...and we're all happy to oblige...

t3basket This week starts with a basket of cute. Three tiny (well, not quite so tiny any more) kittens stuffed in a basket that's barely large enough for two. This may be why you can only see two of them, the third is being squished — rather like a bug  — underneath these two.

That bright little face, btw, belongs to T3 who is one of the two kittens available for adoption. How could you not love that little face? And if you're a real softie, her grandmother Tux is also available. She's a real sweetie too.

Anyway, it's a good thing that they all got some rest too because the next thing on the big kitten agenda was outside! While the fruffleThing used to be an outside kitten before she came to us — mom was a stray who moved in at my friend's bed and breakfast — the other three had no clue. 

trubble in the poppies t3lav

The difference between the littler kittens and the ball of fluff were clearly drawn: the three smidges mostly sniffed and quietly explored, with a bit of exploratory plant-bapping along the way. During the 15 minutes they were outside, I sat by the lavender with my camera and never had to move to reach the Trubble, T3, or the Grayling, and a couple of them tried to nurse at least once once.

fruffle and river

The fluffBall, on the other hand, was seriously energized, bounding around the herb beds to pounce on whichever fuzzling meandered past his hiding spot. He even got brave enough to go over to River and try to jump up onto her perch. You can see just how successful that was. The little tummy is awfully cute though. (Layla, I'm thinking of you.)

theGrayling climbs a leg

The grays (or, yin and yang, as I call them when I find them curled up asleep head to toe in a flat, round basket) spent some time engaged in their favorite game: Climb someoneElse's Leg. This game has since advanced to v.2, otherwise known as Kitty Darts, wherein a kitten takes a flying leap and grabs as high up your leg as possible. If you are wise, you are wearing jeans. If you are not so wise,the outcome is less certain, but with any luck, the scratches will be in be a pattern you like.

They are growing amazingly fast; T3 started eating a little dry kitten food today when it was offered instead of fingers...and then someoneElse handed her a shred of shrimp from dinner. Oh my, what a happy kitten! Trubble is drinking from a bowl but not really eating per se so he missed out on the shrimp. the Grayling hasn't really tackled food beyond River, although it's clear that she would be happy if they moved on...quickly. We're also working on litter box training this week. I'd forgotten how much fun babies are. laughs

And adding even more fun to the equation, allow me to recount a conversation I had with our veterinarian yesterday.

Me: If my cat's pregnant, how late can she be spayed?

Vet: Has she had her shots?

Me: ummm...errr, well, see, we've been doing these projects and you're an hour away...and then she got pregnant and...

Vet: So she hasn't?

Me: Guilty.

Vet: She has to have her shots two weeks before we can spay her.

Me: swearing under my breath How long are cat gestations?

Vet: about 63 days

Me: counting on fingers followed by swearing under breath So I suppose we'll be seeing you in the next day or two for shots, huh?

Vet: politely trying not to laugh I suppose so.

I suppose this means a trip to notSoTinyTown in the very near future, huh?

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