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The only thing better than pie...

Tied up with a project and down with a bug is not a good combination, but when you add in a freezer that is being slowly denuded of all but the most basic of options — we ate half of the last baguette last night — it starts looking downright dire. And yet, sad to say, this is the state of affairs. The dwindling of the usual stockpile of homemade food comes with a couple of weeks to go on the book: no homemade cookies, no baguettes, no cinnamon rolls, no marinara, no soup. We're making chili tonight and I'll probably make some bread starter. If I stop sniffling, I may even get to cookies tomorrow. But there are chapters with my name on them and they have priority over baking, no matter how theraputic. I need a cookie fairy to deliver a few dozen cookies to my door, preferably something with chocolate.

wee little blackerry pie Into this culinary darkness, some light shines, and sometimes in the least expected places. Friends of mine dropped off last week's CSA bag and there, perched atop of it, like the cupcake version of a pie, was this adorable little lattice-work atop sweetly aromatic berries. A blackberry pie made for two! How perfect is that?

Made by my friend KathleenM, who is currently renovating a delightfully situated bed and breakfast on evenTinierTown's eponymous river, the pie was a marvelous homemade treat during a bit of a dry spot. (the mage waves her thanks down the valley to Kathleen)

Better than just pie, this pie was cute, fresh, made by a friend, showed up at just the right time. See? That's so much better than just plain old pie. It may not be chicken soup, but I am pretty sure it's even curative.

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