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Dine Around Seattle - 25 for 25

If it's November, it must be time for me to look wistfully northward through the rain squalls and remind my readers that it time to go out to dinner, or lunch, or both. Repeatedly. That's right kids, it's 25 for 25 time again!

I just looked over the list and it's truly sad: I've been to exactly two of them. God, can that really be all? That is sad! Tragic, in fact. I have to get out more.

Although, to be totally honest, I've looked at one of them and thought, "looks like it might be interesting..." half a dozen times when I was on my way into a much nicer spot next door. And we went to the Third Floor Fish Cafe on one of those oh-so-wonderful expense account dinners with our publisher and our acquisitions editor who lived in Indiana, (dubbed the "ripply state" as we discussed the lack of mountains over the second bottle of wine...or was it the after dinner coffee and brandy?) and really wanted fish. It was years ago, and I don't recall the specifics of what we ate —  other than that there was a lot of truly wonderful seafood (two seafood starved guys from the mid-west at a fish place are fun to watch), rollicking conversation punctuated with laughter that broke across us in waves, a window table to watch a glorious peach and pink streaked sunset, and something with chocolate at the end. It was a much more memorable meal than that description credits, but we were taking a break from a last minute push on a book and I was basking in the moment, not committing it to memory. The evening had a gasp-worthy tab, if I recall correctly. But it was expensed...and on someone else's expense account.

but i digress

Back to 25 for 25. If you'd like an excuse, go somewhere and eat a meal in my honor. I'd do it for you, but you see...ummm, the restaurant options out here are...well, let's just call it limited. Speaking of which, evenTinierTown's got empty waterfront buildings (one goreous and new, one old, funky and inexpensive), a restaurant and a bakery on the main drag for sale, and a decided need for someone to come in and do something! We've got a decent tourist base, lots of bed and breakfasts, close enough to cities and a lifestyle to die for, but not from. You could own a house on the beach for less than your place in the 'burbs and there are even local food producers.

ummm, errr...i am, therefore i digress...?

Where were we? Oh that's right. Justifying going out to eat. Do lunches. They are only 12.50 so you can go to lunch at two places, then go out to dinner with the 25 bucks you saved. What? That's not how math works? (can I toss my hair and quote Barbie's "math is hard!") Anyway, I didn't say we were doing math. We're doing justifications. Not the same thing at all!

Speaking of justifications and book deadlines. While I am supposed to be sitting here at a keyboard putting words on a screen, they are not these words and I doubt that a publisher would buy me a nice dinner because I wrote this. And those publisher-bought dinners have potential. Serious potential.

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