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getting ready for my favorite december ritual


We are lucky enough to be the host for the great annual "Thump, thump, giggle, giggle" reunion, when a handful of young women gather to kill each other on our network. And Eat. Over and over and over. For days on end. Seriously. (both the killing and the eating)

This year's bash is six people for four days, which adds up to lots of virtual death and lots of food. Coming on the heels of the book, my schedule was tight...and then the storm of madness hit and the power went out and...well, so much for schedules.

Since we got power back two days ago, I have made:

  • 2 dozen Bagels
  • 4 Baguettes
  • 18 Rosemary olive oil pull-apart rolls
  • 2 dozen pita
  • 3 loaves oatmeal cinnamon twist bread
  • 2 dozen cinnamon rolls
  • double batch of brownies
  • double batch of cookies

I'm guessing that I'm going to be too busy to post much in the way here as it's happening, but I put up a flickr set just for this, in case anyone is crazy enough to want to follow along.  It does at least give you a little hint of the mess that is my kitchen.

Menu for the bash after the jump.

There are a few gaps here and there that will be filled in when I hit the stores tomorrow, but this is the rough plan. Luckily for me, someoneElse usually takes on breakfast for this crowd so I only start being responsible around lunch. It's probably also a good thing that the kids are heavy on tradition and want tried and true food so I don't have to stretch and come up with four days worth of brand new ideas!

day one
Pita w/turkey salad sandwiches (turkey breast, almonds, craisins)
Chips and pickles and stuff

Individual, build your own pizzas
Spinach salad w/oranges, red onions, pomegranate vinaigrette

day two
Cinnamon rolls

Shrimp and pepper sauce

Dinner (a birthday)
Rosemary chicken
Pasta w/ginger citrus cream sauce… grin
Local green/yellow beans
Salad w/feta cheese
Bananas Foster

day three
Blueberry dutch babies

Bagels and lox

Dinner (another birthday)
Garlic mashed potatoes
Something resembling a vegetable
Salad w/goat cheese
Rosemary pull apart rolls

day four


general munchies
Vegetables and Spinach dip
Crackers and cheese
Pickles, olives, etc
Fruit starts in 36 hours...updates as I have time...

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