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wcb: a tad early because...

Clare and Kiri from eat stuff organize weekend cat blogging to provide us with an excuse to bring on the cute...and we're all happy to oblige... Clare's been MIA for a bit so the WCb home has been floating around, this week landing here!

The winds are blowing, the water is rising, and according to the weather-guessers, we ain't seen nothing yet! We're supposed to get 85-100 mph winds over the next day or two. (you may all say WTF along with me!) So, I thought I'd get this posted a day early just in case they are right. Want to see how helpful the kittens are in a storm? Check this out.

any couch in a storm

Dargo has found his warm, dry spot and can't be bothered. Shhhhh. Creep away very quietly.

Trubble and T3 (aka 'ssouri, aka Mr Bowtie) Trubble and theCatWithManyPseudoNames (aka t3, Farmgirl's Nameless Cat, 'ssouri, Mr Bowtie...) have scammed a box and Trubble is most disturbed that I dared to use a flash. I'm not thrilled about the flash either, but dark and stormy days call for desperate measures!

'ssouri on the Table

Little 'ssouri bowtie wants to prove that he is in fact a helpful kitten, and here's his proof. Holding down the makeshift seamless in case the winds manage to sneak inside the house. In which case, he would be found hiding in another room whining talking about how much I suck because I let it get windy.

Please post your weekend cat blogging links in the comments. You can also send them to me at kitchenmage(at)gmail(dot)com, and if I still have power and a connection to the tubes Internet, I'll get them posted here.


Power's back! Please go visit these kitties and skrinch their little faces.

Please add me to CBW, Welcome to Rascal's World where Rascal has an encounter with a vishus deer...or is it a sheep?

Little Cat Zee asked "Purrty please" to join the party, so how could we say no? I noticed that she's and Rascal are blog friends, even joining together to show off holiday decorations!

Sam's best friend isn't another cat, it's a bird: Jazz the Lineolated Parakeet

Whaleshaman explains why It's Good To Have A Dribblepuss...

Tobias models a cozy, and takes the time to explain a particular internet meme rather thoroughly.

Krogie sends a homemade Christmas card to everyone at Weekend Cat Blogging. Don't forget to click on the Happy Holidays! to activate the card.

Shishi is sniffing the flowers and having a picnic! In December!

Luckily, Miss Lyra had pictures in the vault so when her power went out she could still come play.

KitiKata-san has a friend, aptly named Buddy, who visits from just next door.

Burekaboy swears it's not storming at his place, but I think it looks like things are moving around a lot--or else the alien cat might have landed!

Puddy has a new pink thing, with a tunnel and a ball and a place to pose!

Max and Noosh are helping out their person with computers and laundry. But they want to know: does a black and white cat go in with the whites?

Xena, Kai, and the tribbles demonstrate camouflage techniques.

Prunella over at Pia's place seems to have lots of friends.

Grendel wants to know why the idle hand is not petting him. Like you have something better to do?

Louis is looking for dinner. Maybe a roast chicken and latkes for Hanukkah?

Jelly says Kamikaze is hungry too, but he looks like he'll explode is he eats another bite.

Maggie Fu is contemplating whether felines should ever "be useful" while counting the drip...drip...drip.

Go visit the post surgical kitty at What did you eat and give the fluffling get well wishes.

Colin may have the best spot of all, tucked in bed with a good book blogger.

note: I think I'm caught up for the moment! Thanks for all the good wishes for us in the storm. We not only made it through but the refrigerator and freezers stayed cold enough that all the food is still okay. Which is really good since I just went shopping for a four day reunion/party that starts on Tuesday.

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