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wcb: in which a clever grayling helps out Angry Cat

Clare and Kiri from eat stuff organize weekend cat blogging to provide us with an excuse to bring on the cute...and we're all happy to oblige... Clare's been MIA for a bit so the WCb home has been floating around, this week landing just across the river at Belly Timber, where Angry Cat has issues!

If you have been to BellyTimber the Angry Cat blog today, you probably know all about the injustice being perpetrated against Angry Cat. Oh, the felinity! The furlings over here at kittenMage kitchenMage have been working hard to help out, what with the math and all. AC needed extra paws on which to count up all that catnip. While the grayling lent a paw, everyone went out to practice their fighting skills, because you need military pouncing backup on these matters.

two on one While Dargo is scoping out a position from which to sneak up on SC, Trubble (grayling #1) and T3 take advantage of his lack of attention and practice the flying pounce!

Look at that synchronization! Those sneaky snakes who stole AC's picture better watch out!

Dargo stalking the graylingNext maneuver. Dargo thinks that SC (grayling #2) is not watching what's going on and that he has a chance to get in a sneak attack. He's lining up for his attack run, better watch out SC!

airborne cats

Hah! SC laughs at your sneak attack! Look at the air under Dargo, he must have been really surprised by SC's swift and silent attack skills. Man, they are so ready to back up AC. Where are those pesky people from the O? What chance do they stand against the kittenMage horde?

the clever grayling snoozes

Trubble, otherwise known as the clever grayling, has been working very hard to help AC and she's utterly exhausted. Remember, math is hard for Barbies and kittens.  Luckily, Trubble has found a place to snooze while awaiting further orders from AC.

Remember, Weekend Cat Blogging will be hosted right here next weekend. Drop me mail with your permalinks at kitchenMage (at) gmail(dot)com or post them in the comments next Friday.

Until then. Hi Ho Angry Cat Away!

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