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what is in those Whoppers anyway?

Have you seen the current Burger King TV spot? In it, a bunch of men parade around town waving their burgers around and singing about their, ahem, meat to the tune of Helen Reddy's feminist anthem "I am Woman" - because nothing says marketing like the usurpation of that which you are campaigning against.

Maybe it is supposed to be a sort of post-ironic homage to claiming your own space in a world that doesn't let your class of people catch a break. You know, those poor eaters of cheap factory meat that have to drive their Hummer 150 yards to get to the next drive-through window. Poor babies.

In any case, I went looking for the lyrics so I was sure I was quoting them correctly.  I am really glad I did too, because I'd missed the money quote. Really. Here you go:

Oh, yes, I’m a guy!
I’ll admit I’ve been fed quiche!
Wave tofu bye-bye!
Now it’s for Whopper beef I reach
I will eat this meat
Till my innie turns into an outie!

Reread the last two lines, because, really, not much subtext there. Like I said, what is in those Whoppers anyway? I'm waiting for the new packaging: maybe a blue diamond...?

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