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question for my non-US readers

How do you measure ingredients for recipes?

I have been trying to include all of the useful variations on measurements in my recipes lately but there are so many options! Did you know that there are US, Canada, and metric "cups"? How is that even supposed to work? I can't recall ever seeing "cup (Canada)" in a recipe and I used to live right next to the place. Maybe it's because there is only a smidge of difference (about a third of an ounce vs Europe which adds over an ounce and a half!) but still. (and is it a "Canada cup" or a "Canadian cup"? like the geese are Canada geese, not Canadian geese - although some of them may live least in the summer.)

...but i digress...

Back to measurements.

Having the Internet literally at my fingertips, I thought I would go look at a mass market site like the BBC to see how the Brits do it and discovered that they have only weights. US as well as metric, but still, only weights.


Does everyone in Europe have a kitchen scale? Are they issued at birth or something because a lot of folks over here, including myself, have been proselytizing kitchen scales for a while now and the adoption rate is kind of slow.

Figuring that I might want to look a bit deeper for clarification, I went to Chocolate and Zucchini. Um, not so much. While Clotide is any number of great things, consistent does not seem to be one of them. I loaded half a dozen yummy sounding recipes and gave up when I found one with grams being translated to ounces on one line and cups on the next. (one might ask whose cups but that's just asking for trouble) In fairness, several sites later I am asking for your advice from the trenches, so all of Europe may have something to answer for here. (I do have a few new recipes from C&Z to try so I'm happy enough with that.)

Further along my clickstream I found all sorts of amusements, most of which turned out to be ephemeral since my computer hung in the middle of it and they went poof. Ah well, such is the nature of the 'net.

I am coming closer to the conclusion that I should go with converting dry volumes to grams and wet volumes to milliliters, but since I insist on including US weights, can I do less for people who want to weigh their liquids? Is it a problem if I have four columns of measurements? Does anybody know what time it is? Does anybody really care? (does anybody get that reference or am I just old?)

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