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Tools: Hooked on my spatula


Maybe I excite too easily, but I just noticed the coolest thing: my spatula has a hook to keep it from sliding into the bowl! I am sure they have made these for years and I've been too busy cooking to notice, but wow, what a difference this makes. The bowl the handle is leaning of the edge of in the picture is HUGE and I am always fishing spoons out of the half-made bread dough they slide down into. Ugh!

But no more! I discovered this wonderful little hooker (that'll get me google hits) and now my gooey troubles are over. Want one? Run over to Amazon and snag your very own spatula of wonder.

Next thing: can someone tell me how many years ago they started making the little tipout things on the front of the sink cabinets? You know, the ones you are supposed to store sponges and stuff in. I figured out they existed a couple of years ago and the first tow people I mentioned it to looked at me like I had been offplanet for decades. Have they always been there?

I feel so oblivious some days.

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