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August 2007

August 29, 2007

Waiter, there's salmonella in my spinach!

Step away from the spinach and nobody gets hurt!

If it's August, there must be a recall of fresh vegetables and, not surprisingly, this week's candidate is: spinach.

Metz Fresh, which packages spinach in California for distribution across the US, is recalling bags of spinach after one sample tested positive for salmonella.

How do I know? Darned good question. It's not at Metz's site, where they advertise "spinach like nowhere else TM" (really? lots of spinach seems to get contaminated so wouldn't this be 'spinach  like far too many places'?). Even their quality food safety page lacks a reference to the recall. It's not at the Food and Drug Administration site either. (How is it that neither of these places has data?)

While looking for the FDA's information on the spinach recall I did come across the page where they list recent recalls. All I can say is WTF?

Read the rest of the kitchenMage's Apprentice: How safe is your dinner? at a Gather member? click here to join.)

August 25, 2007

wcb: in which i abuse farmgirl's virtual cat

''ssouri wants in!

Farmgirl's virtual cat is a whack job!

When he wants in, he stands at the sliding glass door until he gets our attention and then goes into frantic I am going to claw my way through the door mode. While it is seldom successful on glass, the screen door now sports a cat-sized hole he can step through.


Weekend cat blogging is our excuse for bringing the cute to the tubes of the 'net. Belly Timber is hosting WCB this week where, in true theatrical form, WCB: Prologue is posted. Who knew that even WCB was a three act play? If that's not enough cuteness for you, check out Friday Ark, and the Bad Kitty Chaos Festival.

There's one more picture hiding after the jump - my front page is getting photo heavy so I am forcing myself to use extended posts.

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August 23, 2007

kitchenMage's Leftover Oatmeal Bread recipe

oatmeal bread


When you bake bread as often as I do, it is easy to find yourself looking around covetously at ingredients in your kitchen that might have been headed for another use. Cooked cereal is one of those things that lends itself to ad hoc bread making, adding a whole grain depth to otherwise white bread. This also appeals to the frugal side that many home cooks have, turning leftovers that might otherwise be thrown away, into tasty bread.

This is less of a recipe and more of a formula to use up leftover cooked cereal, which it seems all too easy to end up with. I have a soft spot for oatmeal bread, but you can make this with any cooked cereal. Or leftover brown rice, for that matter.

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August 20, 2007

do you support public radio?

If you are one of those folks who donate to public radio, please consider doing so tomorrow to  KMUN in Astoria, Oregon between 10-12 (west coast) tomorrow. someoneElse will be on All Kinds of Folk and it's pledge drive time so I am angling for quick donations and thus more music, less begging.

There are rumors of me having to speak too. One can only hope the rumors are not true because, while I like music, I know nothing about it. "I gave it a ten because it's got a good beat and you can knead bread to it!" is my fallback position. Again, I think more money=less talk - in which case, I may be writing checks myself!

The KMUN audio stream is available online, either via their preferred method, which involves installing software that lets your machine host bits of the stream (meaning your upstream bandwidth and some hard drive space) or my preferred method of snagging the stream here and plugging it into something like Windows Media Player.

If you decide to contribute, please tell the nice person on the phone that you are a friend of kitchenMage. I'd love to feel a presence from the food-people out there. Sort of like a big invisible hug while I am in radioland, which is so not my usual hangout.

Donation info page
Donate here

August 15, 2007

A Year in Bread in midsummer

berries like grapes

It's too hot to bake!

Well, almost too hot to bake. This month at A Year in Bread we are focusing on quick breads, with Kevin's scrumptious Cheese Bread starting us out. My post is going up tomorrow, but there is a subtle hint here somewhere about the recipe. If I could just remember where I put it.

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August 07, 2007

climate convergence in skamokawa this week

In the midst of global climate change and with the lack of a sane energy policy at the front of many people in evenTinierTown's minds, there is a bit of hope on the horizon - or at least a great weekend.

The west coast Climate Convergence is slated for this week in Skamokawa, WA (yep, evenTinierTown is on the map!). During this event, a lot of crunchy granola folks will converge on evenTinierTown, talk climate change, party and listen to people like Starhawk speak. (hmmm, are there people 'like' Starhawk?)

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August 05, 2007

wcb: every farmer's market needs a cat!

ginger tabby

The lovely ginger girl here is one of the farm cats at the Stockhouse's Farms on Puget Island, where the weekly Two Island Farms Market convenes. This kitty was taking a break from the arduous life of a farm cat on the island-all that mouse hunting, grass frolicking, barn prowling, not to mention the exhausting face skritching by market customers is tiring, you know.

I really like this market and am, in fact, in the middle of a post about it. For now, let me just say that they have one thing I especially like: live acoustic guitar music provided by members of the Wahkiakum Acoustic Guitar Society (WAGS). Make what you will of the acronym-FSM knows we do!

musical sphinx cat

This is clearly a cats with preternatural powers. someoneElse got up from playing guitar for just a moment and *poof* there was a cat in the special musician's chair. This might, in fact, be a service that is provided for musicians: the sphinx guard cat. She looks like she's almost asleep but look at those little flexiPaws. I wouldn't want to mess with her...or the guitar.

Weekend Cat Blogging is being hosted this week by Ms G at Masak-Masak. Don't forget to visit all of the adorable furlings!

(eta: um, sorry about the reposts on the RSS feed, my computer is being a glitchy pain at the moment)

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