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Waiter, there's salmonella in my spinach!

Step away from the spinach and nobody gets hurt!

If it's August, there must be a recall of fresh vegetables and, not surprisingly, this week's candidate is: spinach.

Metz Fresh, which packages spinach in California for distribution across the US, is recalling bags of spinach after one sample tested positive for salmonella.

How do I know? Darned good question. It's not at Metz's site, where they advertise "spinach like nowhere else TM" (really? lots of spinach seems to get contaminated so wouldn't this be 'spinach  like far too many places'?). Even their quality food safety page lacks a reference to the recall. It's not at the Food and Drug Administration site either. (How is it that neither of these places has data?)

While looking for the FDA's information on the spinach recall I did come across the page where they list recent recalls. All I can say is WTF?

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