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wcb: every farmer's market needs a cat!

ginger tabby

The lovely ginger girl here is one of the farm cats at the Stockhouse's Farms on Puget Island, where the weekly Two Island Farms Market convenes. This kitty was taking a break from the arduous life of a farm cat on the island-all that mouse hunting, grass frolicking, barn prowling, not to mention the exhausting face skritching by market customers is tiring, you know.

I really like this market and am, in fact, in the middle of a post about it. For now, let me just say that they have one thing I especially like: live acoustic guitar music provided by members of the Wahkiakum Acoustic Guitar Society (WAGS). Make what you will of the acronym-FSM knows we do!

musical sphinx cat

This is clearly a cats with preternatural powers. someoneElse got up from playing guitar for just a moment and *poof* there was a cat in the special musician's chair. This might, in fact, be a service that is provided for musicians: the sphinx guard cat. She looks like she's almost asleep but look at those little flexiPaws. I wouldn't want to mess with her...or the guitar.

Weekend Cat Blogging is being hosted this week by Ms G at Masak-Masak. Don't forget to visit all of the adorable furlings!

(eta: um, sorry about the reposts on the RSS feed, my computer is being a glitchy pain at the moment)

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