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wcb: in which i abuse farmgirl's virtual cat

''ssouri wants in!

Farmgirl's virtual cat is a whack job!

When he wants in, he stands at the sliding glass door until he gets our attention and then goes into frantic I am going to claw my way through the door mode. While it is seldom successful on glass, the screen door now sports a cat-sized hole he can step through.


Weekend cat blogging is our excuse for bringing the cute to the tubes of the 'net. Belly Timber is hosting WCB this week where, in true theatrical form, WCB: Prologue is posted. Who knew that even WCB was a three act play? If that's not enough cuteness for you, check out Friday Ark, and the Bad Kitty Chaos Festival.

There's one more picture hiding after the jump - my front page is getting photo heavy so I am forcing myself to use extended posts.

sad 'ssouri

The ineffable sadness of being a bowtie face stuck on the wrong side of the door.

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