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wcb: the bowtie throne

the bowtie throne

In a pose that is, I imagine, somewhat like the Princess and the Pea, 'ssouri Bowtie-face sits atop what was a momentary "get this out of my way" stack: detritus from my desk topped by the box that Dell shipped with replacement parts for my computer. (but why did they ship me a motherboard instead of a power supply? and why, oh why, did the dweeb I called to have it corrected refuse to replace it, choosing instead to argue with me about it? not a good move to make on someone who writes about technology...)

This is Farmgirl's virtual cat, which I am always threatening to eat and you may be able to see why: healthy, free-range, organic, well-cared for. If I am going to eat food with faces, it should be a face that was happy most of its life. He does look just a bit annoyed, however, practicing the baleful glare and all. Do you think he might be able to read?

...'ssouri does not look amused...

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