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What I ate on my summer nonVacation - part 1

All of this lovely food came from over in the next valley where a couple of my friends have spent the last six months toiling away from dusk to dawn, building an organic farm for a new bed and breakfast. How cool of a job is that?

While it is also really hard work, as Dubya might say, Sarah (yes, our lady of the Cookie Lavender) and Connor always seem to glow with the accomplishment of creating a thriving organic farm. And who can blame them, just look at this stuff!

magical purple beans

I just know Alice would love these magical purple beans! What's not to love?

That iridescent purple that cloaks the mundane green bean is absolutely stunning. Yet by the time the bean is served, it has disappeared! It is a special treat just for the cooks, a tiny bit of backstage magic that makes it that much more fun to have a small person, like Alice, helping you in the kitchen and the garden.


The hoophouse is absolutely overflowing with tomatoes. Maybe a dozen kinds, maybe more. From the tiniest all the way  up to a single tomato large enough to feed a crowd.



squash Shhhh. The squash is hiding.

zucchini Is that a zucchini in your poc...oh, wait, this is a family blog!

In case that is not enough, there are more photos of Elk Valley Guest Farm's organic farm waiting for you over at flickr. There's even an adorable little black ram  - Alice would love him - and a chicken and a puppy and...well, just go see!

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