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October 2007

October 31, 2007

Fall into Cooking with free recipes from new cookbooks

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Amazon has had a wee bit of a tweak here and there - mostly flyout menus that behave more like you might expect software to act - but there are also some new featured sections. My personal favorite is, of course, food related: Fall into Cooking

At first, it looks like a lot of shiny new cookbooks, and it is, but scroll down a screen, past those cookbook titles, however tempting they may be, for just a moment. (I promise, you can go back later.) On the left sidebar, see where it says...

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October 26, 2007

Dine around Seattle: 25 becomes 30

first, let me say hi to all the new people - I guess writing about PETA is an attention getter, huh? color me surprised!

If it's November in Seattle, it must be time to go out for dinner, or lunch, or both. The dining out ritual that was 25 for 25 has become 30 for 30, same basic deal: 3 course dinners for $30, lunch for $15.

This year you can choose from places like:

The complete list, with links to the 30 for 30 menus is available at Dine Around Seattle.

Having read the list, I am realizing that this is also the time of year when I remember how many restaurants I have not yet been to. From this year's list, I have had the pleasure of eating at...well, almost nowhere. Man, I gotta get out more often!

Speaking of getting out, and almost totally off-topic, I need a nice place to go to lunch in Olympia on Sunday. Suggestions?

October 22, 2007

Dear PETA, women are animals too...

Dear PETA,

What is it with the soft porny commercials and naked women? Are you truly so blinded by your desire to save furry critters with faces that you forget women are critters with faces too? Those women were even somewhat furry too, before you made them get all waxed and shaved so they could get nekkid for your tacky ad campaigns. (Apparently natural is good for sheep but not for girls.)

The women in your ads all too often appear to be the victims of some sort of strange fetishized sexualized violence. Naked, vulnerable, marked up like exotic animals, chained and caged. And yet, lovely. Thin, yet curvy. Beautiful, beaten and bound. Sometimes dead.

The gap between this and many a movie you can't see without mom and dad is skimpier than that piece of lettuce that you, PETA, think passes as clothes.

For a group that can work up a head of steam over a goldfish, you sure don't seem to get that women are people too. Seriously, the women of PETA (that sounds like a Playboy layout doesn't it?) are starved, shaved, waxed and laid out for someone's 'viewing pleasure' (surely not mine) like...what am I looking for...oh yeah, a piece of meat. Irony much?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is more of the same old PETA tripe. You have been exploiting naked women in what they say is an effort to stop the exploitation of animals for decades now. But someone sent me a link to this Alicia Silverstone video and asked me if I thought it would help animal rights.

Um, yeah, not so much.

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October 20, 2007

wcb: the warmest spot in the house

snoozin 'ssouri

I'd write something pithy about the state of new houses and all that, but I have boxes to unpack. Let's just say that, of all of us, the cats seem to be taking the move the best. Here, Mr 'ssouri Bowtie-face demonstrates that if there is a blanket and a heater vent, they are his. River is out of frame, and half off the blanket, but I am sure she would just write it off to being a long suffering mom.

October 18, 2007

Where in the world is kitchenMage

A shadowy, cloaked and hooded figure clutching just-removed black boots enters the house. Glancing at the calendar, she moves furtively across the room, clearly hoping to escape notice. Entering the kitchen, her cloak catches on the cat sprawled across the threshold. "Ssouri, annoyed  at his interrupted slumber, stretches, yawns, and shatters the silence with an indignant 'Mrow!'

The woman looks up, her sudden movement making the hood slip to her shoulders, and mutters a minor curse at the cat for waking up the house.

Um, hi.

Yeah, I was out really late and I didn't even call to say I didn't get in a car wreck or anything.

I'm sorry!

I know I haven't been here much recently. Don't feel bad, I haven't been anywhere lately. (Miss me while I was gone? Or did you not even notice? sniff)

So where have I been hiding out? Well, you know how, when a friend gets into a new relationship you almost never see them for a while? This is sort of like that, but with a lot more heavy lifting.

Read the rest of the kitchenMage's Apprentice: on seeing another... at Gather.

October 01, 2007

Potato bread recipe

This recipe was originally posted at A Year in Bread. You can read that article,  which includes a whole wheat version of this recipe here: Beth: Potato Bread


turkey and tillamook with microgreens on potato bread

For reasons perhaps best explained by marketing, a lot of kids — even those who usually make sane food choices — seem to prefer bland, white bread. Sandwiches, toast, pretty much anything has to be white bread, but especially sandwiches. And kids eat lots of sandwiches.

This potato bread recipe is one I made for the first time way back when theKid craved that stuff that came in the blue, yellow and red dotted bags - you know, the stuff that makes you Wonder who buys it. The potato tenderizes the dough and amps up the yeasty rising action, creating bread that is softly chewy with a bit more substance than most white breads.

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