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Ewwww! Just ewwww! (and excuse me while I shower off the memory)

We all know how much I adore the gratuitous use of scantily clad bimbettes to sell your product so it should come as no surprise that I am annoyed by yet another Food network chefebrity (like my new word?) who has decided to sell themselves based upon assets (although in this case it's more tit-ets than assets) that have nothing to do with food.

In this case, however, the photo shoot is downright disturbing. And when I say "disturbing" I mean  I just ripped your still-beating heart from your chest and now I am going to saute it with garlic and fresh oregano.

Esquire has its 'women we love to see mostly naked' collection up online and one of the women they lust after but can never, ever have love is Giada de Laurentiis. Who goes all Carrie on their asses in the photo shoot.

Maybe I am wrong, but I believe this set of photos represents one of those immutable gender lines. Some men (and a few women) will look at the photos and get all warm and tingly over them.

My guess is that most women, however, are going to have a different response. Something like "Didn't your mom tell you not to wear white during those special times of the month?"

grokked from someone who snagged it from Slashfood

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