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Neal, eat your vegetables!

The tubes of the interwebs have many strange and wonderful things in them. Facebook is both strange and wonderful, largely because people can use it to their own ends and it is always fun to see what they come up with. Case in point: Operation Make Neal Eat Vegetables, which endeavors to get Neal to, well, eat his vegetables.

What is the deal with Neal and his vegetables?

Let's hear what his siblings have to say:

Our brother's malnutrition has reached epic proportions. The only vegetable he has had this week is a single, lone piece of onion that snuck into his fajitas, despite spending the majority of dinner carefully picking all the vegetables out of his food. Meanwhile, he continues to be assaulted by mysterious and horrible diseases, that he insists on sharing with us by coughing freely and infrequently washing his hands.

Poor Neal. Maybe it should be called, Operation Make Neal eat his Vegetables, Cover his Mouth When he Coughs, and Wash his Hands. Phew! I see the siblings have a bit of a project on their hands.

Apparently, the deal is that when 1000 people join the Facebook group, Neal will eat some vegetables. Which will, with any luck, give him the strength he needs to chase down those lovely siblings who did this to him. The group sits at ~250 right now, and some folks are from Neal's school and rooting for the In 'n Out burgers, so go join in the fray and help Neal get strong enough to get on the interwebs himself. Hurry, because I can't wait for the next Facebook group: the one Neal puts up for his sisters

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