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The hands of a child

I need to do a quick bit of data collection for the project that shall not be named and hope that some of the parents out there can give me a hand. I need to know the size of kid's hands at various ages/sizes. If you have a few minutes, would you please consider giving me a hand. Well, one of your kid's hands.

Here's what I need to know:

  • Length from wrist to middle fingertip
  • Width across palm, without thumb
  • Age of child
  • General size for age (short/average/tall)
  • General build/weight

bonus points
I am also trying to get an idea of the volume of a fist. My preferred method for assessing this is pretty accurate and just messy enough to be fun for small people. Fill a deep bowl with water, leaving it in the sink. Have your child make a fist and stick it into the water up to the wrist. (see why it is in the sink?) Remove the fist from the water and refill the bowl with water from a measuring cup. How much water did it take?

Alternatively, with hand in a fist, measure around the widest part and from wrist to wrist (over the top). But really, that's not as much fun as the water.

Comments on kitchenMage are moderated so if you'd like to help out while not publicly divulging this data, just say so and I will note the numbers and delete the comment without it seeing the light of LCD display. If you prefer to drop me a note, it's kitchenMage(at)gmail(dot)com.


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